Thomas Placzek

Nachts ist es kälter als draußen

Aus der Nicht-Zu-Glauben Abteilung

As you know I spent my time in Munich before I was transferred to The Hague. I have posted articles about the cultural differences between Germany and the Netherlands, here and there. Not all of them to be taken too serious. One of the differences between Germany and The Netherlands is winter. In Germany, when they forecast heavy weather with snow, they advise you to leave your car at home and use the trains. Here, you quite frequently hear: "I.v.m. weersomstandigheden rijden er minder treinen tussen ...". (see also the official railway website). OK, having had only three years with snow (2009, 2010 and 2011), I could live with it. Exceptional conditions. You think it can't be worse? You won't believe it. You hardly can call it summer, but now we have times with a bit above 30°C. And guess what, the internet has problems. Not because it has dried out, but someone decided to save money with the ventilations of the switch cabinets: See this NOS article.